Sell Your Timber


If you have interest in selling your standing timber, we would certainly appreciate an opportunity to discuss this with you.

We purchase tracts of timber as small as 15 acres, when value permits.

Storey Sawmill & Lumber Co., Inc. has 60 plus years of experience in merchandising timber for the most profitable markets.

Our forester, who would consult with you, has a Master’s degree in forestry and has been working in this field for 40+ years.  With his experience, he will be able to advise you of the best alternatives for your timberland. He will evaluate your timber for the present value and future growth.  We prefer to select cut, only harvesting trees that are large enough, leaving the smaller younger trees to mature, when economical.

We are the end user for the timber you sell.  It comes to our mill here in Troy, TN and is manufactured into lumber and cross ties.  There is no middle man involved.  There are no fees for determining the value of your timber if you are interested in selling it to us. We do not charge you a commission or a percentage of the value of your timber when sold.  We simply determine the value of the timber and you receive the full value.  We offer two different methods of payment. Lump sum or on measurement and grade as the logs are brought into the mill and scaled.  Scheduling of payment can be made in advance or deferred over to the next year should you need to do so for tax purposes.

All of our loggers are fully insured with general liability and workman’s compensation, which protects you, the landowner, against any liability during the harvesting process.  They are also Graduates of the Tennessee Master Logger Program and are trained to operate under all state and federal regulations and voluntarily operate under the Best Management Practices as suggested by the Tennessee Forestry Association.