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Let us put our 60 year plus experience to work for you today.

Give us a call for a quote on some lumber or about a free timber consultation at 1-800-348-2276.


Quality Wholesale Kiln Dried & Air Dried Hardwood Lumber

We offer a variety of species with Red Oak and White Oak comprising 50% of our annual Kiln Dried production. Poplar yields 20%, Ash 15%, with the remaining 15% of production spread across Hickory, Hard Maple, Sassafras and Walnut. ​ See the “Lumber” tab to view our current available inventory, or give us a call for a quote at 1-800-348-2276 or drop us a line at jan@storeysawmill.com.

Buyers of Standing Timber

We buy standing timber within a 100 miles radius of the Troy, Tennessee area. Our forester can provide technical assistance in carrying out your objectives for your timber land, and in making an educated decision about what would best suit your needs. We can provide timber marking and appraisals as well as guidance for reforestation. ​ Contact us today for your free timber consultation at 1-800-348-2276.

Ties, Cants & Green Lumber

We offer green lumber in Beech, Gum, Sycamore and other mixed woods. These species can be sawn to your specifications in truck load quantities. ​ Untreated ties and cants make up about 30% of our total annual production. Availability of cants other than 7×9 dimension depend largely on current markets. ​ Call us at 1-800-348-2276 for current availability.